Boomerang Bonanza – Miami 2022 (Year 1)

Boomerang has been a company now for nearly 10 months (wow, time flies!), and we’ve been live in market for just over 3 months.

We’re now a team of nearly a dozen, and we brought *most* of the team together to Miami, Florida (Boomerang HQ) to enjoy some quality time together looking back on how far we’ve come and take a moment to celebrate that together. Post celebration, we quickly rolled up our sleeves and began strategizing for the next 12 months to ensure we’re staying on target to accomplish our big mission of solving lost & found. 

I say “most” because we were missing one of our co-founders, Philip, who was unfortunately stuck in a storm in the Northeast, as well as Tarek, one of our Software Engineers, who is expecting a newborn any day and rightfully so, didn’t want to miss it. Family first <3 

One breakout session after another, we truly covered every corner of our business in great detail, mapping where we are and where we want to be. We accomplished all we wanted to as a team under 1 roof for 3 days. 

But, it wasn’t all work. We swam in the Atlantic Ocean, hit South Beach’s Muscle Beach, we played board games, and we even played a competitive 5 vs. 5 soccer match at 2pm in the HOT Miami Summer Humidity. Little did we know that our Technical Product Manager, Alyssa, was an all-star soccer player growing up. Alyssa’s team won 5-0, she was an absolute game-changer!

Alyssa wasn’t the only teammate with impressive skills up her sleeve. We also learned that Declan, one of our whip-smart Software Engineers, is a master of U.S. geography and history. And Tanner, our Operations Manager, can also take naps at any time, at any location.

These are just a few examples of the awesome things we learned about our teammates: things you generally just don’t get to cover in Slack messages and Zoom meetings. 

At Boomerang, we’re on a massive mission to solve lost and found. A mission so big can only be accomplished by the best minds who are resilient at pushing through the unknown and paving paths through new ways of thinking for the better.

As Boomerang’s CEO, there’s nothing that makes me more proud than leading this team of smart, ambitious, kind, and creative problem-solvers. 

And with that – cheers to our first Bonanza in the books and to so much more to come from the Boomerang team. 

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang