Football is BACK: Let’s Not Fumble at the Lost & Found Touchpoint

Click-clack, football is BACK! 

College football is days away from its season opener, and the NFL’s pre-season is now concluding. NFL stadiums are coming back at full capacity again (thankfully!), but with that comes an all-out blitz of lost items for stadium operations teams to manage. We’ve seen all kinds of items lost, but some of the most common at stadiums are your home team’s hat, LOTS of sunglasses, car keys, cell phones, Apple Watches, jewelry, and wallets. 

At Boomerang, we’ve modernized the Lost & Found experience at stadiums. At our stadium partners, with one click, guests can submit their lost item claim and even include photos of their items.

But at non-partnered stadiums, guests who have lost items still undergo an archaic process: calling a phone number or sending emails, requiring them to follow up again and again and again. It’s a lot of work on the customer just to get an update on whether you’ve found their item (or not).

Operationally, non-partnered stadiums are still matching items in a box to their call and email logs, drastically slowing down the item return time. 

With Boomerang, our process is simple, modern, and secure. 

We keep customers updated on the status of their claim(s). Once matched, we match the items for our partner(s) with an item found, then we notify the customer, and ask how they’d like to get back their item: shipped or in-person pick-up? If shipped, we collect the shipping details and payment, all on behalf of our partners. We provide our stadium partner with the shipping label and share the tracking info back with the customer as well. If in-person, we tell you exactly where to pick up your item on property.

When partnering with a stadium, we have a few goals top of mind: 

  • Allow customers a fast and user-friendly way to submit a detailed claim from a phone, computer, or tablet via the hyperlink on their site. This significantly decreases calls and emails about lost and found.
  • Communicate thoroughly and transparently to customers so they don’t have to follow up repeatedly. We keep customers up-to-date on their claim status, always. 
  • Give our stadium partners an opportunity to shine in the Lost & Found touchpoint by building them smart and secure technology that makes their jobs easier and more efficient. 

Our platform delivers results: one stadium partner shared with us that they spend 40% less time dealing with Lost & Found thanks to their partnership with Boomerang.

If we’re not partnered yet, let’s kick things off together so we can help you score big with your fans in Lost & Found this season! 🙂

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang