In partnership with our stellar companies on the Boomerang Network, we’re living out our mission every day of making item recovery a magical experience.  In the past 30 days, we’ve witnessed some remarkable recoveries that go beyond the usual items such as electronics, jewelry, wallets/purses, IDs, and apparel. These extraordinary returns highlight the effectiveness of the Boomerang platform and the integrity of our partners, who are incredibly committed to reuniting people with their lost belongings.

#FoundOnBoomerang Spotlights 

  • At Savannah International Airport, a Complex Muscle Stimulator Kit was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$300).
  • At Georgia Tech Hotel, a Gold Wedding Ring was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$2,000).
  • At Universal Studios Hollywood, a sweet pair of Air Jordan 4s were #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$350).
  • At Charleston International Airport, a CPAP machine was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$500).
  • At Atlanta Regional Airport, a construction headset and quality construction gloves were #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$200).
  • At Ford Wyoming Center, a beautiful Coach Wallet was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$240).
  • At CVG International Airport, an Oura ring was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$449).
  • At Charleston International Airport, a silver David Yurman bracelet was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$550)
  •  At Georgia Tech Hotel, a nice pair of brown Steve Madden leather loafers were #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$130).
  • At Savannah International Airport, a very nice Callaway golf set was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$1,500).
  • At Acrisure Arena, an elegant silver citizen Eco-Drive Watch was #FoundOnBoomerang (value ~$525).

The best companies always strive to find ways to wow customers, earn their trust, and showcase their great work to earn their loyalty. When our partners make such returns, their customers love to let them know their appreciation.

These reviews are a byproduct of our partners’ commitment, hard work, and effectiveness in reuniting customers’ lost items. 

If you aren’t receiving reviews like the ones above for your Lost & Found department’s efforts, it’s time to join the Boomerang Network. Please get in touch.

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang