Lost & Found: A Once Overlooked, Offline Department

Businesses’ Lost & Found operations are largely unloved, flying under the radar and offline without much attention paid to it. Oftentimes, Lost & Found lacks a strong internal process and integrity checks and balances. In these cases, results are unmeasured, leaving the Lost & Found department without a performance feedback loop and any business insights to use. 

However, that is all changing thanks to Boomerang’s sophisticated, modern, and user-friendly software platform.

Some Lost & Found departments are making transformational strides forward. While it has been a long time coming, the advancement was perhaps inevitable; one catalyst that focused attention on Lost & Found has been the invention and spread of GPS tracking devices like Apple AirTags and Tiles, especially fueled by lost luggage crises that happen every travel surge. 

Suddenly, Lost & Found departments were under extra pressure to improve their internal operations and deliver a better customer experience. These investments have accelerated the digital transformation of process, integrity, transparency, and performance metrics, which will ultimately return more lost items back to their rightful owners and strengthen the customer experience. 

At Boomerang, we’re strong believers that if you can measure it, you can improve it. 

A great example of that is when one of our partners, Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR), adopted Boomerang in January 2023 and instantly had access to real-time performance metrics to set benchmarks and begin improving on those benchmarks. From month 1 to month 2, SYR increased its return rate by 20% and is experiencing a 50% decrease in time spent managing Lost & Found (read about our full case study on SYR here!). 

For businesses managing the Lost & Found operation, Boomerang’s analytics monitor performance for improvements and aberrations, displaying a variety of metrics like the total number of claims submitted, claim-to-match rate, inventory breakdown, and more. What that means is that new problems can be addressed early before they worsen. With Boomerang, Lost & Found departments’ operational performances can now be tracked carefully and shared easily across the entire company for collaboration. 

This digital transformation is key for any organization’s efficiency and improvement, especially those looking to really level up their accountability, performance, and data tracking. 

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang