Maximizing Recovery Success: More Claims = More Recoveries

Cold sweat. Hair raising on the back of your neck. A zap of electricity through the brain. All the things associated with the split-second feeling when realizing you just lost something valuable. Everybody, I mean *EVERYBODY*, has been there. For many of us, it’s followed by a frantic state, or worse, a bout of depression or anger. After the initial reactions settle, you start to get into a problem-solving mindset and begin testing your luck to see if it’s your lucky day and maybe, just maybe, you can recover that lost item. 

This is where Boomerang steps in: as a fast, secure, modern, and easy way to submit Lost & Found claims on the go. No more calls or emails to a generic email blackhole, and drafting up frantic tweets or Facebook posts to get a customer service representative’s attention is no longer needed – just a fast digital claim submitted from anywhere, at any time. 

The more awareness about Boomerang powering your Lost & Found operation, the better. Today, we’ll share the best practices of how companies are driving awareness of what to do when an item is lost on their properties. All of this helps the customer submit claims, stops your operational resources from being bogged down with “how to” questions, and last but not least, facilitates a swift return to the guest. 

As always, happy customers = returning customers. 

Announcing the upgrade to Boomerang

It all starts on day one, with our partners announcing that Boomerang is live to help upgrade the Lost & Found experience on the property. Generally, these announcements are executed through a press release, blog, and/or social media post to get the message out. Before Boomerang, many partners received hundreds (for some, thousands!) of phone calls and emails every month for lost item inquiries. By announcing their partnership with Boomerang, partners migrate away from traditional phone call and email inquiries, now fully digitizing that touchpoint. 

Within minutes, partners can see an influx of digital lost item claims coming into their unique Boomerang portal, and partners’ customers are serviced with automated communication, sophisticated and secure item matching, and exceptional notification updates all along the way.

Leveraging social channels drives awareness

Leveraging digital platforms can significantly enhance customer awareness before and after their visit to your property. Partners on the Boomerang Network often use their social media pages to educate customers about claiming lost items. Below are a few examples from partners at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, Syracuse Hancock International Airport, and the Crown Complex who are doing their best to drive awareness about Lost & Found across their socials.

Increasing awareness of your Lost & Found solution proactively minimizes phone and email inquiries, leading to higher digital claim submissions and improved matching rates. Educating customers and preemptively answering their questions helps them notice that their entire customer journey has been well thought through and designed for a seamless and frictionless journey, every step of the way.

We’ve all been there: where a business has exceptional communication throughout our entire time or stay there, saving us time from asking frequently asked questions.

On-site signage drives awareness on partners’ properties

While we’re in a digital world, physical signs still go a long way. Boomerang supports partners with versatile marketing materials, including QR codes on flyers, business cards, and custom graphics for easy claim submissions for customers on the move. A ton of partners enjoy the physical handouts that allow guests to walk away with something tangible, like the cards below. 

We’ve also seen many partners greatly leveraging Boomerang’s digital design assets to display on their big screens or jumbotrons on their properties. Below are a few template examples we like to share with partners to get the creative juices flowing for what is possible with on-site screen signage.

As you can see, when it comes to driving awareness of Lost & Found, the answer is all of the above. The more awareness of what to do when you lose an item, the better. The unfortunate reality of Lost & Found today is that there still is a poor stigma that it’s nearly impossible to recover a lost item. But together with our partners, Boomerang is changing that stigma. 

And when we get people back their lost items, it sure means the world to them.

If you’re a business dealing with Lost & Found, get in touch with us. It’s time for you to join the Boomerang Network to give your customers a magical Lost & Found experience. 


Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang