Nissan Stadium shines on record-breaking attendance day, handling surges in Lost & Found in stride

Nissan Stadium, home of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, recently hosted a college football game between the University of Tennessee and the University of Virginia on September 2, 2023, shattering all previous attendance records for a game held at Nissan Stadium. 

Operationally, being able to scale to manage such unexpected surges in attendance and provide your guests with an experience you’re proud of is easier said than done. But Nissan Stadium’s team, which is operated by Tennessee Titans’ staff, is an innovative and digital-forward squad that had been set up well for scale to rise to the occasion and absorb this big surge in stride. 

In the world of Lost & Found, more people equals more lost items found by the Lost & Found team at the stadium. 

As attendance soared to unprecedented levels, so did the likelihood of people misplacing their personal belongings. It’s a common occurrence in any large gathering, and stadiums like Nissan are definitely no exception. Phones, wallets, keys, jackets, IDs, credit cards, sunglasses, and various other items often find their way into the Lost & Found department. With this big, record-breaking crowd, the Lost & Found operation at Nissan Stadium faced a substantial spike in their found item inventory.

Just a few weeks ago, the Tennessee Titans joined the Boomerang network to digitally transform their Lost & Found operation and customer experience in preparation for big days at Nissan Stadium, just like this Saturday September 2nd, when they set a new attendance record at the stadium. For several days after the event, we’ve been observing guests from the game getting back their lost items – everything powered by Boomerang. Some customers chose to have their items shipped to them, while those who were local came to pick up their lost item in person. 

In the broader sports and live entertainment industry at large, this big day for Nissan Stadium is a great example of how stadiums’ Lost & Found can drive significant volume in lost items. On some days, the volume even exceeds more items found than potentially your local international airport does. The volume is real, requiring very sophisticated technology to shine in this customer touchpoint to make for a great customer experience.

If you’re a stadium that is yet to be part of the Boomerang network, please reach out. Let’s up your game and win big in this phenomenal opportunity to help you wow your customers. 

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang