Your Shipping Rates Are Ruining a Magical Moment

Here at Boomerang, we have a mission to help both our business partners and our customers who have lost an item. Oftentimes, we see that competitors in the space take a short-sighted approach that takes advantage of vulnerable and frazzled customers when it comes to maximizing profits with shipping rates. Customer-centric business partners who join Boomerang know the old adage that happy customers equals returning customers. Boomerang offers an easy-to-use, intuitive, digitized, and friendly experience to both our business partners and customers. 

Our partners are happiest when their customer is happy. 

But shockingly, some businesses use software vendors that charge their customers sky-high shipping rates, even to customers already not in the best frame of mind after just losing something valuable. The customer may be so angry with the shipping rates –– or just frankly can’t afford it –– that they abandon their item entirely. Or worse, they pay up, but feel fleeced with no real choice.

Angry customers feel ignored, unvalued, and powerless, which tend to be the ones who damage your NPS score by leaving scathing reviews, damaging your brand perception, and lowering employee morale. Those customers might seek alternatives in the future, leading to preventable churn. 🙁 

One Boomerang difference is our reasonable monthly SaaS fee that translates into a trivial cost per item lost, tracked, and returned.

Not only do competitors charge jacked-up shipping fees, they might even charge the customer just for submitting a claim! Boomerang never charges a submission fee and offers competitive shipping rates, usually better than what the customer could get directly.

Our business partners understand the power of good customer service. They avoid partnering with unfriendly and stale lost-and-found platforms that gouge in fees and shipping for max profits. Instead, Boomerang partners come out on top in a win-win partnership aligned wholeheartedly that happy customers equals returning customers 🙂 

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang