Returning the Wrong Item Should Never Be an Issue

Lost & Found is all about returning the lost item to the right owner securely and efficiently.

Boomerang takes this responsibility seriously. Behind our digital Lost & Found experience that yields incredibly high return rates is a team of over a dozen world-class savant engineers building our robust machine learning and artificial intelligence technology that precisely powers every lost item return on the Boomerang platform.

We understand that companies join Boomerang to win over the trust of their customers. Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, says it best below.

When it comes to Lost & Found, a good or bad experience could make or break that customer relationship. Returning the wrong item to someone would bankrupt a business from any trust currency you once had with the customer.

By joining Boomerang, companies invest in industry-leading technology to ensure their team is equipped with the technology needed to earn trust in Lost & Found and, of course, always return found items to the right person.

Boomerang’s core technology will always sit in our matching algorithms, allowing you to sit back and let our technology do the work for you.

In the Lost & Found industry, other outfits publicly catalog their lost item inventory, which opens up a can of worms for unethical lost item claims (example of LAX Airport’s Lost & Found page below). We don’t recommend approaching Lost & Found this way because, like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Nextdoor, people can attempt and oftentimes claim items that may not be theirs.

Boomerang isn’t just a Lost & Found platform; as a company, we stand firm in our commitment to excellence and integrity in item recovery. By partnering with Boomerang, businesses gain access to our cutting-edge technology and a network built on trust and reliability at our very core.

If you aren’t powered by Boomerang yet, join the Boomerang Network and start winning over the trust of your customers today.

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang