Why top sports venues are parting ways from their facility management partners’ Lost & Found module

When it comes to Lost & Found management at sports venues, historically, many have opted into licensing their facility management’s Lost & Found module, allowing you to tag found inventory and well, that’s about it. 

To effectively elevate the guest experience and automate tedious workloads such as calls, emails, time spent on item matching, and shipping logistics, you need far more than just digitized inventory. 

Boomerang is the leading Lost & Found platform. We do one thing and that’s reuniting people with their lost items. The Boomerang founders have rich company-building backgrounds, previously as founders or leaders at Shazam (acquired by Apple), TrueCar (NSDQ: TRUE), Tatari, and YourMechanic (acquired by Wrench). When building a dominant company that leads your category, you must focus and be a master of something that makes your product head and shoulders better than the rest. For us, that’s Lost & Found. We are all in on one thing and that’s becoming the world’s leading item recovery company. 

Look at OpenTable, the leading restaurant reservation company. Though they have a relationship with the restaurant, they never veered into meal delivery to compete with GrubHub, UberEats, or Postmates. OpenTable is a single sharp knife mastering reservations, and I think they are doing an exceptionally strong job at doing that. 

As a business, a single sharp knife is more effective than a drawer full of dull blades. Likewise, a specialized Lost & Found platform offers targeted solutions beyond the basics. The core value of being powered by Boomerang lies in our trusted brand, and sophisticated item-matching algorithms that leverage advanced technologies like AI and machine learning ensuring precise matches and recoveries in addition to optimizing the return process.

Another critical aspect that needs to be addressed is the management of unclaimed items. What happens to items that remain unclaimed? A robust Lost & Found platform provides insights and tooling to handle unclaimed inventory efficiently. This includes proper documentation, disposal processes, compliance with regulations, and safeguarding businesses from liabilities.

Seth Benalt, General Manager of Crown Complex (managed by Oak View Group), recently implemented Boomerang at their 10,000-person venue in Fayetteville, North Carolina and stated:

“Partnering with Boomerang means that our guests can easily reunite with lost items – and that makes for a great experience. We started this program for our visitors because it’s the right thing to do.”

When it comes to choosing the right Lost & Found software for your venue, choose the single sharp knife that is putting its all (I mean, ALL) into being the leader of their category. Choosing the right Lost & Found solution is not about finding the cheapest option but investing in quality, reliability, and a trusted brand. Businesses must also consider data security, customer support, scalability, and the positive network effects, as well. 

At the end of the day, Lost & Found is a critical aspect of both customer experience and brand trust. Venues must continue to avoid the temptation to manage this vital function through makeshift solutions if they want a cutting-edge tech stack and an elevated guest experience.

If you’re a venue and have yet to join Boomerang, please get in touch to learn more about why the leading venue operators have joined Boomerang.


Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang