2nd Annual Boomerang Bonanza: Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida

Boomerang is already two years old, and 2024 marked our second annual team Boomerang Bonanza. Last year was held on the beach in Miami, and this year, we hosted the Bonanza on Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida. Lake Nona is a special place to us because it’s the home of one of our newest investors, the Lake Nona Fund / LeAd, who backed Boomerang in our $5M seed round announced in January. 

Lake Nona is an 18-mile smart city that the Tavistock Group owns and operates, including a range of apartment complexes, offices, a world class gym, multiple hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and so much more. Alongside their investment in Boomerang, we have rolled out a stellar partnership together, with Boomerang powering the smart city as their trusted Lost & Found platform. 

Each year, our annual Bonanzas are jam-packed with team bonding time, reflections on the past year, strategic planning and working sessions, great meals, sports, team competitions, and this year, even our very first Boomerang hackathon! In the hackathon, Trung Ly (VP of Engineering) and the rest of the team coded up a product for our internal team to help automate operational workflow and get to data faster.

Here’s a picture below of Trung and Cesar revealing their hackathon work to the rest of the team 🙂

But this wasn’t the only moment Trung led a massive surprise that wowed the crowd during the offsite, though. During our Topgolf tournament night, we split ourselves into teams of two to compete against each other (loser does 100 push-ups!). While Trung didn’t yield his team a single point all game long, when the game was on the line at the last second, he hit a game-winning shot to surprise us all. Trung Ly has ice in his veins!

For some of our team members, this off-site marked the very first time meeting their fellow Boomerang colleagues in person. The joy and excitement of finally being able to put faces to names was incredibly powerful; it was such a special moment that added another layer of meaningful connection to our team. It was so great seeing just how important personal interactions and team bonding are to the Boomerang team and culture despite being a remote-first company. 

I want to give a big thank you to the entire Tavistock, Lake Nona, and LeAd team for the incredible hospitality while we were on property – you are all truly part of the Boomerang team now. 

And of course, thank you to the Boomerangers for making this off-site such a great success and time truly well spent. Here’s to the memories made, the plans set in motion, and the continued success of Boomerang in 2024 and beyond.


Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang