Boomerang Featured Moments – August 2023

At Boomerang, our mission is to reconnect people with their lost items. Thanks to our exceptional partnerships across a wide range of industries, including hotels, airports, stadiums, universities, festivals, and more, we are able to fulfill our mission every single day. 

Together with our partners, we are reshaping the narrative surrounding the unfortunate event of misplacing items at a business. With Boomerang, our partners have strong integrity and processes when handling found items on the property, earning the trust and loyalty of customers in a department that is known to be mostly offline and nontransparent. 

Routinely, as such, we like to highlight the great work of our partners who successfully return lost items to their customers, and we call these special moments Boomerang Featured Moments 🙂 

Aside from our routine electronics, keys, wallets, apparel, and other commonly returned items, there have been a few successful item recoveries that stand out above what we most commonly see.

This summer, there was a bag of 5 international passports left at a hotel partner of ours, and the hotel security team successfully returned the bag of passports to the customer, powered by Boomerang. Across our airport partners, there’s been an incredible amount of baggage lost this summer. Notably, a quality pair of Jabra headphones worth nearly $250 left in a hotel room was successfully returned to its rightful owner. 

Lost & Found continues to be an incredible customer touchpoint that earns trust and loyalty from your customers. But don’t just take it from us – here’s what customers had to say over the summer that put our partners’ deserving great work in the spotlight.

If you’re reading this and still are not part of the Boomerang network, please reach out to us and let’s get partnered up.

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang