Boomerang in the News: January 2023

In January, Boomerang announced two new international airport partners, Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) and Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR).

News outlets across the nation and abroad covered the exciting announcement, as lost and found has been a black hole for travelers for far too long, and an innovative solution for this airport pain point is in great demand. 

From national and local news to tech news to radio shows and TV coverage, Boomerang was there when travel was experiencing its perfect storm. Boomerang’s positive story showcasing airports’ innovative and customer-focused work earned a share of voice alongside the FAA’s meltdown, canceled and delayed flights, and AirTags’ fast adoption causing havoc for all parties involved.  

Below are key pieces of Featured Coverage, including USA TodayNBC NewsFOX NewsSavannah Morning News and more!

By keeping our partners’ and customers’ ease of use at the forefront of our product roadmap, we make the lost and found experience easier and more efficient than ever through the use of smart technology combined with a strong brand that exists to reconnect people back with their lost items. 

If you are a member of the media or represent an airport (hotel, stadium, university, etc.), please get in touch to learn how Boomerang is changing the way the travel sector addresses this historical pain point. Our mission is to create an easier and more efficient lost and found process in order to make travelers happier, improve customer satisfaction, and boost airports’ bottom line.

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang


USA Today: Zach Wichter of USA Today published an article on January 26 quoting Boomerang CEO Skyler Logsdon on how electronic tracking devices give customers more transparency into the location of lost items. The article received a total UVM of 100+ million from 200+ syndications nationwide.

NBC News: On January 25, NBC News reporter Harriet Baskas featured Boomerang in an article highlighting the tech tools that airports are implementing to help solve the lost-and-found problem, mentioning Boomerang’s partnership with SAV and SYR.

FOX News: On January 20, FOX News reporter David Nath shared Boomerang’s story online and on television, which was syndicated to more than 70 news affiliates.

Airport Technology: On January 18, journalist Kirstie Pickering included predictions from Boomerang CEO Skyler Logsdon about the future of airline travel for 2023.

Simple Flying: Sumit Singh of Simple Flying published a Q&A with Boomerang CEO Skyler Logsdon on January 13 about how AI can help solve lost and found.

Refresh Miami: On January 11, Nancy Dahlberg of Refresh Miami included Boomerang’s SAV and SYR partnership announcements in a roundup of Miami-based tech news.

Government Technology: On January 10, Julia Edinger of Government Technology featured Boomerang’s partnership with SAV from a local Georgia angle.

Miami Business Journal: Reporter Ashley Portero shared Miami-based Boomerang’s story on January 10, announcing the SAV and SYR partnerships.

Savannah Morning News: Reporter Laura Nwogu highlighted Boomerang’s partnership with SAV, featuring a quote from Boomerang CEO Skyler Logsdon on January 10.

Aviation Pros: Journalist Christina Basken of Aviation Pros covered Boomerang’s partnership announcement on January 10, featuring quotes from Boomerang CEO Skyler Logsdon and representatives from both SAV and SYR.