Boomerang’s Featured Moments

At Boomerang, our mission is to reconnect people with their lost items. Thanks to our exceptional partnerships across a wide range of industries, including hotels, airports, stadiums, universities, festivals, and more, we are able to fulfill our mission every single day. 

Together with our partners, we are reshaping the narrative surrounding the unfortunate event of misplacing belongings. We understand the frustration and disappointment that comes from losing something valuable. That’s why we have made it our mission to completely redefine the customer experience associated with recovering a lost item from a business. 

Since inception, we’ve collected tons of data that consistently show that electronics, apparel, wallets and purses, IDs / passports, and keys are the leaders in most commonly lost items at businesses. However, there are also many times when our partners discover out-of-the-ordinary items, straying from the usual patterns we see.

We like to highlight these special moments as Boomerang Featured Moments 🙂 

No item is more essential than medical devices. That’s why we’re proud to help a CPAP Machine that was found at Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) find its way home to its rightful owner. Upon finding it, the SYR Customer Experience team uploaded the found item to their Boomerang portal. On the same day, a match was immediately found and the lost item owner recovered their CPAP Machine in person from the SYR team.

We’ve also helped items with great sentimental value find their way home back to their rightful owners, like the stuffed animal found at Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV). Once found, SAV’s Customer Experience team uploaded the found item to their Boomerang portal. From there, the claim for the stuffed animal was submitted to Boomerang, and a match was quickly found shortly thereafter. Because the customer was local, they chose to recover the stuffed animal in person.

Last but not least, a Tissot watch was found by Encore Resort at Reunion in Florida. A day before, a lost item claim for the Tissot watch was submitted to Boomerang, and the match was immediately found. The watch’s owner chose to have the watch shipped directly to their home in Miami, Florida.

Getting back a lost item is a magical moment, and we love when Boomerang customers share their excitement and appreciation to let us know how much getting their item back means to them. Be it essential personal items or very sentimental ones, Boomerang is proud of the incredible work both our team and partners are doing in transforming the last-touch customer experience of Lost & Found.

Below are just a few of our most favorite reviews from the past few weeks: