Boomerang’s Sports Venue Partnerships are Boomin’ (733% growth YTD)

Boomerang has experienced phenomenal growth in 2024, with a 733% increase in partnerships with sports venues across the United States in just the first half of the year. Discover why the nation’s leading sports venues and operators are turning to Boomerang to stay at the forefront of operational efficiency and customer experience, even in the worst of situations.

Sports venues are synonymous with excitement, energy, and large crowds. However, these bustling environments can also lead to a high volume of lost items, creating a doomsday moment for customers. Often, stadium venues can collect more items in a day than a sizable international airport. The volume is real, and without robust Lost & Found technology, it can cause an immense operational burden that makes it nearly impossible to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is why the leading stadium operators have turned to Boomerang to help elevate their game in Lost & Found management. 

Boomerang’s platform has built a reputation for its reliability, trust, and effectiveness, allowing partners to deliver a premium item recovery experience. When customers lose items at a venue, they need the assurance that their belongings are being handled with integrity and care. The growing popularity of Apple AirTags and Tiles allows customers to know the location of their lost items, but more is needed: they need the venue’s cooperation to get them back. Boomerang allows the venue to quickly inventory, match, and return that found item, meeting the customer’s new expectations of recovering found items swiftly. 

For a long time, the handling of Lost & Found at venues wasn’t given much priority. But, those days are long over: Boomerang is paving the way with its partners showing the industry how easy and effective Lost & Found management can be. As Peter Luukko, Chairman of the Oak View Group, stated in his recent interview with the Sports Business Journal, “Lost & Found was an area that sort of hasn’t been given priority, traditionally, in our industry. And one that now we seem to have a solution here with Boomerang.”

“I’m ecstatic about the phenomenal venue growth we’ve had this year so far on the Boomerang Network. Not a day goes by that I am not in awe of how many items are lost during live events. But what really moves me is seeing those valuable items make it back to the right owners’ hands. Lately, we’ve seen a Louis Vuitton purse recovered from Nissan Stadium, a gold watch recovered from Acrisure Arena, Mercedes Benz car keys recovered from Macon Centreplex, a set of dentures recovered from Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, a Michael Kors wallet recovered from State Farm Arena, and so many more. To allow an item recovery to happen on Boomerang, the internal teams at the venues have to be incredibly committed to customer experience and doing the right thing. This is what I love to see most,” says Skyler Logsdon, CEO of Boomerang.

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang