Building Trust Through Lost & Found

Trust is the cornerstone upon which lasting relationships are built. One-off transactions and churn are expensive to a business. Simply put, the best businesses thrive through loyalty and retention. 

At Boomerang, we understand the profound importance of trust and loyalty to our partners who join the Boomerang Network in order to contribute to their great commitment of earning and sustaining their valued customers’ trust. 

When a customer loses an item, it’s a unique customer touchpoint and an opportunity to do the right thing as a business. Getting back that lost item to a customer takes great integrity, empathy, operational process, and a long-term view on valuing a customer vs. a short-term gain. 

Whether it’s a cherished possession, a vital document, or a piece of technology that keeps us connected, losing something valuable can be distressing. In those moments of distress, how a business responds can either deepen trust or erode the relationship. 

The feedback loop on Lost & Found is powerful. When you wow customers, they enjoy giving you flowers for your exceptional work. Over the past few days, we’ve received several user reviews I want to share below:

“I liked the ease of finding my lost item. I recommend keeping it for the accuracy of Lost & Found.”

A valued Universal Studios Hollywood customer

“Boomerang was really great – easy to use. The Lost & Found lady at SAV was excellent.”

– A valued Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) customer

“The girl who helped me was incredible, thank you very much for helping me find my magic wand, you don’t know what it meant, and the smile that made my little niece, since that wand was a gift for her!

– A valued Universal Studios customer

Behind every successful return on our platform is a robust and transparent process that underscores the integrity of our Boomerang Network partners. From the moment an item is found to the moment it’s safely returned to its owner, there’s a lot that went into making that magical item recovery. Each step of the process is meticulously tracked, ensuring that every lost item receives the attention it deserves to ensure it gets back into the right hands.

In a world where short-sighted decisions often prioritize immediate gains over long-term relationships, partners on the Boomerang Network stand firm in their commitment to doing what’s right. Returning a lost item isn’t just about fulfilling an obligation; it’s about reaffirming our dedication to the values that define us. 

Trust is the lifeblood of any successful business. At Boomerang, we understand that returning lost items is a powerful statement of our commitment to integrity and customer care that we strive to overdeliver every day with our partners to earn the trust and loyalty they deserve.

If you are a business operator who believes their Lost & Found operation and customer touchpoint is not up to sniff to earn and sustain your customers’ trust and loyalty, please get in touch.

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang