December 8th, 2023: National Lost & Found Day

Each day, people around the globe encounter the exasperating challenge of misplaced belongings. Be it ranging from the relatively minor yet day-disrupting panic of losing jewelry, headphones, and scarves to the severely day-disrupting items like wallets, passports, pets, and expensive electronics, losing an item is frustrating.  

This frustration extends even further to when companies mishandle the belongings you’re trusting them with, like lost bags during air travel or packages that never arrived to where they needed to go. The Lost & Found conundrum is a universal challenge, and there’s even a national day dedicated to it: the second Friday of every December. 

National Lost & Found Day reminds us of the collective struggle the world encounters whenever an item is misplaced.

At Boomerang, we’re in a powerful position to do something about it. Solving Lost & Found and making the item recovery process seamless for all involved is what we wake up to do day in and day out. 

To commemorate this day, we’ve kicked off a new social campaign: #FoundOnBoomerang, which you will see across social media. Let’s make National Lost & Found Day a celebration of reunions, heartwarming stories, and of the triumph of recovery.

Whether you’re a user, partner, investor, or just supporter of our mission, thank you for being part of the Boomerang network. Together, we’re turning lost into found, one item at a time.

Happy National Lost & Found Day!

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang