Boomerang People Spotlight: Welcoming Brenda Juan, QA Engineer

We’re thrilled to introduce Brenda, our new quality assurance (QA) engineer, who brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a passion for problem-solving to the Boomerang team!

Let’s get to know Brenda, her journey, and what excites her about being part of the Boomerang mission.

Q: Can you share a bit about your professional background and what led you to join Boomerang?

My professional journey has been quite varied, covering roles in customer service, banking, insurance, sales, and for the past several years, QA engineering at Tradesy (acquired by Vestiaire Collective) and now, Boomerang. This diverse background has equipped me with various skills and perspectives valuable in a dynamic work environment. I truly believe that Boomerang is on the right track to solving Lost & Found, and it’s so exciting to be part of this journey. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for this team, and I can tell you that it looks bright!

Q: What aspects of Boomerang’s mission and values resonate with you and influenced your decision to become part of the team?

One reason is our mission of reuniting people with their lost items. The satisfaction of helping individuals reconnect with their lost belongings is truly fulfilling. Have you ever experienced the turmoil of losing something significant or sentimental? The realization of a loss can be challenging, a feeling I am familiar with. Being part of a team dedicated to helping people retrieve their items, regardless of their size or significance, is very rewarding.

Q: Could you describe your role at Boomerang and the key responsibilities you’ll be taking on?

As a QA engineer at Boomerang, I’m primarily focused on upholding the quality of our product. This involves implementing effective test plans to identify and address issues and collaborating closely with fellow engineers and the product team. Additionally, I’m actively contributing to tasks such as automation testing and creating test cases, ensuring comprehensive coverage and the sustained quality of our product.

Q: What excited you most about the opportunity to contribute in this particular role?

Being a QA engineer is really fun for me! It’s almost like playing a game, and the goal is to discover all the potential ways something can break. This perspective has helped me get familiar with products and has made me good at what I do. There’s a thrill of contributing to the creation and development of something at its early stages before it impacts users. It really allows me to play a crucial role in ensuring that we build and maintain an exceptional product.

Q: What were your initial impressions of the company culture and your colleagues when you first joined?

My initial impression was that each member is genuinely invested in our mission and supporting one another. I also felt and still feel comfortable asking questions and exchanging ideas. This is because the team has really created an environment of openness and strong communication. To me, this was evident right from the start and is actively instilled by our leadership. The leadership team cultivates a positive company culture, a motivating force that unites us and contributes to the strength of our Boomerang team.

Q: Have there been any pleasant surprises or standout moments during your onboarding process?

Certainly! There was a standout moment during the process, and that was having the opportunity to meet and converse with our CEO and CTO early on. It’s not typical to engage with the executive team in such a way and witness their genuine interest in getting to know new team members. This experience highlighted their commitment to understanding everyone on a personal level, and the effort put into it is evident.

Q: How would you describe the collaborative environment within your team?

There’s a strong sense of unity and commitment to achieving our common goals. It’s also a positive and productive atmosphere that allows us all to be effective and supportive of one another. Overall, the team dynamic is one of mutual respect and shared dedication to success.

Q: Are there specific team traditions or dynamics that have stood out to you so far at Boomerang?

We’ve got a couple of cool things going on, like our team firesides and our ‘fun’ Slack channels. Our team firesides are like a blend of fun and learning – every time we come out of those, it feels like we’ve unlocked new levels of camaraderie. Our virtual hangouts are the real deal for getting to know each other. I think we do a good job at making things fun through Slack channels, too! I’ve gotten to know my coworkers through similar music interests and shared experiences. The team is such a vibe!

Q: Tell us about some of your interests and hobbies outside of work!

There are a few things I really enjoy doing outside of work, such as traveling, arts and crafts, and trying new experiences.

At Boomerang, we can’t solve lost and found without our amazing people like Brenda, an A+ player who comes to Boomerang with a great gusto for our mission and passion for high-quality products. We’re so thrilled and proud to have her on our engineering team. 

If you’re looking to join a fast-paced and disruptive company made up of kind, diverse, and whip-smart people who are working hard to solve a big problem, then Boomerang is the place for you. Come join us at!

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang