How Cleveland Browns Stadium modernized their Lost & Found tech and is yielding benefits all around


Cleveland Browns Stadium partners with Boomerang, the leading lost and found technology platform to modernize its lost and found operation and guest experience.

On top of NFL home games for the Browns, the stadium hosts over 150 events per year, where lost and found is a key focus for its operations team. Prior to partnering with Boomerang, the Cleveland Browns Stadium operations team fielded 100+ calls, emails, and form submissions per event related to lost and found.

After every event, the Cleveland Browns Stadium operations team sifted through shelves of found items in order to manually pair them with guests’ claims. A spreadsheet was meticulously updated and monitored by a single team member. On average, lost and found duties tallied up to 10+ hours of work per week.

For Cleveland Browns Stadium guests, there was no single avenue to submit a claim or check on an existing claim. Some guests called to report a claim; others filled out the online form. Without a centralized platform, the onus was on the guest to be extremely proactive if they wanted to see their lost item again.

By partnering with Boomerang, Cleveland Browns Stadium is elevating its lost and found process and seizing the opportunity to “Wow!” guests at this unique customer touchpoint.


Through a partnership with Boomerang, Cleveland Browns Stadium has been able to bring its lost and found experience entirely online.

The stadium’s operations team now has real-time visibility into their onsite inventory and claims submitted by guests. Instead of only one team member managing a spreadsheet, multiple team members can now review the inventory and claims simultaneously, field guest inquiries on the spot, and collaborate to get guests back the items they love.

Potential matches are flagged to the Stadium’s operations team within the Boomerang portal. Once a potential match is confirmed, the team is able to track the item’s status change from Potential Match to Matched and then to Returned.

Communication is automated – guests receive friendly updates throughout their lost and found journey and can access their profile at any time to check on the status of their claim. This not only ensures guests stay up to date but also relieves the Stadium’s operation team from fielding as many calls and emails about updates.

Key Results

Within the first three months of using Boomerang’s platform, the Cleveland Browns Stadium operations team was able to enhance operational efficiency and guest experience across the board.

Decrease in time spent

Cleveland Browns Stadium’s team went from 10-15 hours per week spent on lost and found down to 8 hours.

Decrease in usage of traditional inquiry channels

Before, the Cleveland Browns Stadium team received over 100+ claims via phone, emails and form submissions per event – now the team receives around 5-10 calls and emails, with Boomerang capturing the majority of claims submitted by guests.

Instant Updates For Guests

Stadium guests who submitted a claim via Boomerang received immediate feedback about their claim without having to contact the Stadium’s operations team.

In Their Own Words

“We really like how organized it is. We now know exactly what is in our inventory without having to search the shelves.”

Audra Bednarski
Guest Services

“Thanks to Boomerang, we’re spending 40% less time on lost and found this season.”

Sean Kaye
Stadium Operations