Prime Social Partners With Boomerang To Elevate Festival Guest Experience

Lost and found is a department that has historically haunted Prime Social Group — their customers have so much fun that they tend to spook their belongings from their pockets in the process!

Prior to Prime Social’s announcement of the return of its famous Haunted Fest, they partnered with Boomerang to elevate its lost and found operation and improve the customer experience at its festivals across the country, like Breakaway Festival and more. 

By partnering with Boomerang, the Prime Social operations team now has a strong, tech-savvy, and efficient process to follow when dealing with found items at their festivals. When an item is found, the operations team quickly grabs their phone and inventories the item with photos and details into their Boomerang portal. 

On their website for each show, Prime Social’s operations team hyperlinks their unique Boomerang link to their site’s FAQ page, where customers can quickly submit claims notifying Prime Social of what they lost, via their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once both the claim and item are in their portal, that’s when the magic happens: Boomerang quickly waves its wand to see if there are any item matches. Whether the answer is “yes” or “no,” Boomerang powers customer communication on behalf of the Prime Social team. 

This past Halloween season on October 28th, Prime Social expected a surge of found items from Haunted Fest. When guests are in their costumes, they lose items more frequently due to their costumes’ loosely-secured pockets and bags. Guests aren’t wearing their usual outfits, so all sorts of items can be lost in the shuffle when they’re dressed up as a witch, Spiderman, inflatable T-rex, or Maverick from Top Gun. 

Sure enough, Prime Social’s hunch was correct – found items included a driver’s license (returned!), a set of car keys (returned!), and an iPhone (returned!), among many others.

That driver’s license belonged to Tiffany (named changed for privacy), who was super ecstatic that her ID was found by Prime Social and that she was able to get it back that night. By having Boomerang as a modern lost and found solution, Prime Social capitalized on an opportunity to improve the guest experience and turned what would have been a customer lowlight into a highlight, even after the event ended.

Mackenzie from Prime Social manages the lost and found operation, and she’s mighty good at her job.

When asked about Prime Social’s new lost and found solution, Mackenzie states that “Boomerang is a great platform to keep your Lost & Found organized. The matching technology is super helpful and tells us if there are potential matches as soon as someone submits a claim. Utilizing Boomerang has saved me hours a week of sifting through emails trying to figure out if we have the lost item or not.”

We’re thrilled to be partnered with Prime Social Group. They’re a very innovative company that’s always a step ahead of its industry peers, continuously thinking of new ways to make their customers’ festival experience as easy and stress-free as possible — even when worst-case scenarios occur, like losing a precious item. 

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang