Innovative Airports are Adopting Boomerang, the Leading Lost & Found Platform

Post-pandemic, airports are in the midst of air travel surges, and more growth seems very likely as we head into the holiday season. But as great as that is for post-pandemic recovery, those improved business conditions mean more headaches for both travelers in crowded airports and overburdened employees juggling tasks.

Boomerang is all about reducing those headaches.

Airports use Boomerang to both improve traveler happiness and reduce employee stress; in doing so, they save money and improve their relationships with their customers and employees all at the same time. 

According to the International Air Transit Association (IATA), total traffic in August 2022 (measured in revenue passenger kilometers, or RPKs) was up 67.7% compared to August 2021. 

Globally, traffic is now at 73.7% of pre-crisis levels. Domestic traffic for August 2022 was up 26.5% compared to the year-ago period. Total August 2022 domestic traffic was at 85.4% of the August 2019 level. International traffic rose 115.6% versus August 2021, with airlines in Asia delivering the strongest year-over-year growth rates. August 2022’s international RPKs reached 67.4% of August 2019 levels.

In short, air travel is recovering rapidly. This is amazing news, but what does it mean? 

Every airport workforce must be staffed, trained, and ready for firehose-like surges across every department’s duties. If not, guests get the short end of the stick, and their experiences become ruined: longer lines, more delayed flights, missed connections, misplaced baggage, bogged down customer support times, and of course, more FOUND items. Think passports, iPads, backpacks, neck pillows, and all the other precious things an airport lost and found team has to collect, inventory, and return. 

Historically, airports’ lost and found has been a dreadful experience for everyone involved. Outdated tech –– and sometimes, even no tech at all –– creates a blackhole experience that often results in customers never seeing their items again. 

But change is here. Boomerang is all about lost and found: it’s the only thing we do. 

Boomerang’s product addresses those pain points, keeping both the partner’s and customer’s ease-of-use at the forefront of our product roadmap. Lost and found is now easier and more efficient than ever. 

With our airport partnerships, we’re making travelers happier, improving employee satisfaction, and boosting airports’ bottom line. 

Why partner with Boomerang?

Modernizes your lost & found

Modernizes your lost & found operation, bringing it entirely online. Smart, efficient, transparent, and user-friendly.

Automated claim-to-item matching

Powers the customer claim-to-item matching process, saving your team hours per day trying to match inventory to call logs and emails.

Save time & workload

Powers your lost and found communication, decreasing your call and email workload significantly. 

In Their Own Words

“Initially, we were not looking for a new lost and found platform; what we had was working. Then we joined a Boomerang demo and were blown away! We were shown that with very little effort on our part, we could simplify and create enormous efficiency to our lost and found process. Boomerang had everything we didn’t know we needed!! The platform will allow us to fill a big gap and prevent email correspondence from being ‘lost in the email abyss.'”

Lee Ann Norris
Customer Experience Manager,
Savannah Hilton Head International Airport

If you’re a leader at an airport and looking for ways to optimize aspects of your organization, let’s chat. 🙂 

P.S. Thank you to our dear friends at NASDAQ for the tower shoutout!

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang