Join the Boomerang Network and Be Part of the Solution to Lost & Found in 2024

2024 is here. Every New Year brings new goals, new company initiatives, and new breakthrough solutions to old, costly, and inefficient problems. Our country, in many ways, is built by this innovator mindset – always looking for new ways to up our game.

To kick off the new year, we’ve launched a new campaign: Join the Boomerang Network. The video showcases how the Boomerang platform has transformed Lost & Found management, making it efficient, transparent, and undeniably effective for our stellar partners across travel, hospitality, sports, entertainment, and education. 

One of the biggest hurdles in Lost & Found is fragmentation. Disjointed systems, scattered inventories, and disconnected processes often hinder the swift recovery of lost items. 

Boomerang is changing that narrative. 

By bringing together the best companies under the Boomerang Network, we consolidate found inventory into one unified comprehensive platform. A platform that exists for the customer, making item recovery as magical as it should be. 

Fragmentation in Lost & Found has been solved before. Japan’s government has created a nationally uniform database for lost items to be consolidated, and this system has proven to be incredibly effective for the country. According to BBC, 83% of cell phones lost in Tokyo return to their owners. Solve the fragmentation and you solve Lost & Found.

As we venture into 2024, this is the year to be part of the solution. By joining forces with us, you’re not just becoming part of a platform that makes Lost & Found management significantly more efficient and effective, but you’re becoming an advocate for change. Together, we can revolutionize the Lost & Found experience, making it a seamless, reliable process that people trust.

Partner with Boomerang in 2024, and let’s make this year the year that we redefine Lost & Found. Together, we can bring back what’s lost, one item at a time.

Cheers to a year of reunions, success, and positive impact!

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang