What it Takes to Get Stellar Reviews in Lost & Found

In the world of Lost & Found, the secret to stellar reviews isn’t just about reuniting people with their belongings. It goes far beyond that to create happy customers who tell their friends about their experience, take their praise to social media, and boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS).  

For Boomerang, we acknowledged very early on that in order to be the leading Lost & Found platform that wins the hearts of partners and customers, we needed to make the Boomerang experience magical from start to finish.  

As a result of our customer-centric approach to solving Lost & Found and the phenomenal partners whom we work together with on a daily basis, we yield incredible reviews, which we take immense pride in. Sharing a few with you here 🙂

A lot goes into earning stellar reviews. What we continue to notice from industry competitors with much different business models and approaches than ours is that positive reviews are hard to come by. Getting a customer back their item doesn’t always mean they are happy with the experience. A few recent reviews provided below are proof of that:

Thorough Training is Critical For Partners

Our journey to exceptional reviews begins with our commitment to thorough partner training and client management to ensure that our partners are using the platform effectively. Without an effective administrator of Boomerang, there’s a significant risk that items are not uploaded, matched, or returned. It all starts with the partner. 

We are so proud of the gusto our partners bring every day to get their customers their items back, powered by Boomerang. 

Strong Communication Across the Platform

Communication is the heartbeat of Boomerang. We’ve created a platform that fosters strong communication between businesses and users. Whether it’s providing updates on found items, guiding users through the retrieval process, or addressing partner inquiries, our communication channels are open and responsive. Keeping both the partner and the user informed about every step in the process is critical for a positive Lost & Found experience. 

Stable Technology and Bug-Free Transactions

In the digital age, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with technical glitches. As we all know, this even happens to the best of companies. Building software is complex – bugs happen, and sometimes, it’s not even your site’s bug. For example, it could be a partner within your code base who’s producing the bug that is impacting you. 

At Boomerang, we understand the importance of stable technology, and we strive for flawless transactions. Our platform is designed to operate smoothly, ensuring that every interaction – from submitting lost item claims to processing returns – is seamless, secure, and user-friendly. We have an incredible product and engineering team that is laser-focused on platform stability. 

Swift Troubleshooting for Human Errors

We’re all human, and sometimes mistakes happen. Boomerang sets itself apart by swiftly addressing and fixing any human errors that may occur on our platform, whether from the business partner or from the customer. Our dedicated team is always ready to step in, ensuring that even in moments of confusion, we’re there to guide users and partners toward a positive resolution. Such human errors, in our world, could be simply inserting the wrong address by one character for your item to be delivered to. It happens! 

Fair and Hassle-Free Shipping

Shipping is often the final leg of the lost item’s journey back to its owner. While some platforms’ revenue model is to gouge customers with sky-high shipping rates or ask customers to go source their own shipping label off-platform, we take a MUCH different approach. 

Alongside our wonderful partners, Boomerang believes in providing incredibly strong shipping rates with an on-product label-generated experience that really puts a nice bow on customers’ pleasant Lost & Found experience. 

The Boomerang Difference

In the world of Lost & Found, it’s not just about returning items; it’s about being a platform and brand that cares. Boomerang strives to continue to yield exceptional reviews for our partners, with a continuous commitment to training, communication, platform stability, and making the customer experience magical from start to finish. 

If you’re still managing Lost & Found offline or shacked up with the wrong partner – come join us on this journey to excellence, and together, we’ll create more incredible reviews and stories of reunions with cherished belongings for your customers. 

Skyler Logsdon

CEO, Boomerang