Boomerang Takes the Stage at the 2023 Thayer Ventures Meeting

A week ago on October 10th in New York City, Thayer Ventures held their annual meeting, bringing together an incredibly intimate and curated group of some of the brightest minds and top executives in the travel industry. In attendance were titans of the travel sector, representing industry giants, along with visionary entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of travel. The speaker roster included Sam Shank, the incredible founder of Hotels Tonight (acquired by Airbnb), Adam Morvitz (, our very own Co-founder and CEO, Skyler Logsdon, amongst others – making it an eagerly awaited event that drew a full house.

Boomerang’s CEO, Skyler Logsdon, took to the big stage and showcased how some of the travel industry’s most innovative and customer-centric companies are turning to Boomerang, the leading Lost & Found platform, to redefine their Lost & Found operations and enhance the customer experience at this unique touchpoint. During the conference, several recurring themes took center stage, highlighting the importance of digitization, automation, and the relentless pursuit of an enhanced customer experience – which are all precisely core value propositions of why companies partner with Boomerang well.

Boomerang co-founder & CEO Skyler Logsdon takes to the main stage at Thayer Ventures 2023 Annual Meeting

We want to give a BIG thank you to the wonderful Thayer Ventures and Derive Ventures teams for hosting us at this remarkable event – we enjoyed every second of it. The conference’s large turnout is a true testament to these teams’ relentless dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration in the travel industry. It’s an environment where companies like Boomerang take leaps in adoption, which gets us closer to achieving critical mass and solving Lost & Found for good.

Andrew Diep-Tran

Intern #1 at Boomerang