Short-Term Rental Hosts: Your Lost & Found Headaches Are Over :-)

As a short-term rental (STR) host, ensuring that every guest leaves with a positive experience is a top priority. However, there’s one aspect of managing a STR that bogs down a manager: the management of found items and the tedious tasks involved in returning that item back to the guest. 

Petar Ordrovic, founder of, the fast-growing customer support automation platform that’s partnered with many STR hosts, mentioned that their first-party data shows that 20% of STR guests are leaving something behind during their stay and want it back. From smartphones to cherished pieces of jewelry, or even a favorite book, each lost item represents not just a logistical challenge but also a potential dent in the guest experience and their online rating. Getting that item back to a customer isn’t enough –– the customers want it back quickly and seamlessly in order to earn that positive review. 

Historically, managing those items left behind by guests was a headache for property managers. Calls, emails, texts, time spent manually matching found items with guest claims, and handling shipping logistics all take a significant toll on the host’s time and resources. But those days are over –– savvy hosts are turning to Boomerang, the leading Lost & Found platform, to transform the operation and customer touchpoint while automating a ton of the workflow associated with returning items. 

In the world of short-term rentals, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference. Boomerang empowers rental managers to elevate the Lost & Found experience for their guests by automating and streamlining the entire process, giving their guests an experience rental managers are proud of. 

With Boomerang, guests leave not just with the memories of a wonderful stay, but also the confidence that their lost items will be found and returned to them quickly and stress-free. It’s a powerful product that ensures every stay remains memorable and worry-free, setting short-term rental owners and managers apart in the competitive hospitality landscape where every review counts.

Andrew Diep-Tran

Intern #1