IATA World Symposium 2023 Recap: Convenience & Speed

Amidst the vibrant buzz in the heart of Chicago, the IATA World Passenger Symposium, an event shaping the future of travel, brought together the travel industry’s top leaders to share best practices and investment and focus categories in addition to introducing disruptive industry newcomers that want to help. 

Among the group of disruptive founders eager to help push the industry forward was Boomerang’s CEO, Skyler Logsdon, who shared with industry leaders how Boomerang has transformed how lost items are handled and returned for some of the best companies in travel. 

Throughout the IATA World Passenger Symposium, a recurring theme resonated like a well-orchestrated melody: the importance of speed and convenience for consumers on travel day. Right from the security checkpoints to the visa process to boarding lines to the unexpected events of losing an item anywhere throughout that process, speed and convenience are the key pillars underpinning consumers’ happiness when traveling.

Boomerang, the leading Lost & Found platform, was built just for this. In the world of lost items, recovering what was thought to be lost forever both swiftly and conveniently is nothing short of magic. 

That’s why at Boomerang, our team understands that every traveler’s journey is a unique story: even the smallest inconvenience can ruin a memorable trip. One critical internal KPI we’re meticulously tracking and improving as a company is the time the lost item owner is without their item (i.e., how long did it take to be reunited with the lost item). 

In the airline industry today, a lot of tedious tasks are managed by adding additional humans to the problem. We see this with the current industry-wide baggage crisis as well as in the Lost & Found departments. With Boomerang, the Lost & Found process is streamlined, automated, and designed for the utmost convenience for both partners and customers of our platform. 

Don’t put more humans on Lost & Found. Put Boomerang on the problem, and we’ll show you the power of smart technology, allowing your team to scale duties and perform efficiently.

Andrew Diep-Tran

Intern #1